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Interested in becoming an affiliate for Epochas?

We have plenty of banners available for you to start earning £££ commission now!

Our affiliate software is run through Rakuten Affiliate Network who quite simply offer the best in affiliate tracking to ensure any completed sales that originate from your site are tracked correctly and accurately.

We are currently offering 14% commission until January 31st 2015, after this time commission will return to our baseline commission of 8%.

Example affiliate transaction: So if a purchase is made on our site for an amount of £200, you will receive 14% (after VAT) so you will receive £22.40 into your account.

Please follow the link below to find out more and to sign up as a publisher:

Once you have signed up you will need to apply to the Epochas Beauty Affiliate Programme, details of which will be accessible to you once sign up is complete. It is free to join, no subscription required. We look forward to receiving your application to our affiliate program.

Terms and Conditions apply

Sample banners:Epochas Banner 120x600



Epochas Banner 234x60



Epochas Banner 120x240

Please do not attempt to create your own banners using these images. You must apply to the program otherwise sales will not be tracked and you will not earn commission. There are many more banners and text links within the program which you will have full access to once you have signed up and have been accepted onto our Epochas Beauty Affiliate Programme.